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Happy first official day of summer! School has been out for almost a month here and we’re soaking up the slower than usual days as best as possible. Like most families, we’re always looking for ways to keep Maya academically engaged over the break. She’s doing 4th grade courses on Khan Academy in reading and math in between camps. I sold it as a way to get ahead and already know the material before school starts, and she bought it!

One other way we keep her engaged is through challenges. Whether through our local library or national bookstores like Barnes and Noble, challenges are a fun way to set goals and be rewarded. My colleagues over at the Florida Center for Reading Research and I helped to create this fun Summer Color Cookout activity that is perfect for pre-k and elementary-aged little ones. The goal is to read through the alphabet – choose a book with a title that begins with each letter, add it to the reading log, and then color the image in the picture that corresponds with the letter. I’m looking forward to doing this with Maya. Maybe I’ll even challenge her to select some book titles that she can read to Zora!

Happy reading!

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