Fall Diverse Books Round-Up

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Today I’m collaborating with my good friend, Tenikca of Hits With the Mrs, to share some of the books we’ll be reading with our little ones to usher in fall! While it still feels like summer here in Florida, I’m ready for pumpkin spice and apple everything.

If you’re here, you already know the value of diversifying your bookshelves. This round-up is focused on all things fall- apples, leaves, ethnic holidays and celebrations- and everything in between. You can shop for the majority of the books via this Bookshop list. Let’s get to it!

  1. The Shadow In The Moon by Christina Matula: This book details the Mid-Autumn festival celebrated primarily by those of Chinese Heritage. The protagonist and her Ah-ma take us through their celebration with a story that will have you and your littles on the edge of your seats and maybe wanting some of the mooncakes.
  2. Moon Festival Wishes by Jillian Lin – We love learning about various holidays and the traditions that go along with them, so here’s a second book on the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s also known as the Chinese Moon Festival. This bilingual book not only follows Mei and her family as they prepare a big meal, it also provides background on how the festival came to be.
  3. Sound the Shofar by Leslie Kimmelman: Rosh Hashana is just one week away! (September 18, 2020). In this book, the meaning and celebrations of both Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are expertly explained in a way that is easily understood by non-Jewish families. It details each special part of the meal(s), fasting and service(s) with concepts anyone can apply.
  4. In The Leaves by Huy Voun Lee: Don’t we all love a fall trip to the local farm? Cooler temps, fall colors and just the joy of goats and hayrides brings smiles to everyone. After reading this book, you can be armed with 10 new Chinese characters to remember and practice during your trip. Have fun!
  5. One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count With Me! by John Micklos Jr.: Fall is a good time to remember the beauty of all the seasons, especially after the spring and summer that COVID-19 brought. Through this book, you count and examine each season with all the fun each one brings.
  6. Apple Countdown by Joan Holub: From 20 to 1, take a class trip to Applebee Farm. Through numbers, the reader shares in all the fun and problem solving classmates encounter.
  7. Salsa by Jorge Argueta : Hispanic Heritage Month begins September 15. With this book, the readers can explore the rich history and culture of the people who cultivated this delicious appetizer. (Or if you are like Tenikca, meal. Salsa and chips is a meal.) The book, in English and Spanish, is beautifully illustrated and shares the love of the dish and the love between those sharing and making it.
  8. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak: As a young girl travels through her town and the forest, she greets all of the signs of fall’s arrival. The breeze is cooler, the leaves are changing, and animals are migrating south. I love the simple text with its accompanying message of how each animal or part of nature is preparing for fall.
  9. In Autumn by Susana Manso: Written in both English and Spanish, this bilingual board book introduces our youngest readers to autumn as a young girl describes her favorite things about this time of the year. The seasons series from Blue Manatee Press is popular with us because of its vibrant photographs!
  10. Apple Picking Day by Candice Ransom: Who loves apple-everything season?!? We eat apples year round, but I like to take it up a notch in fall. Apple Picking Day would be a great read before taking the little ones apple picking. In the story, a brother and sister duo take us along as they visit an apple orchard. The simple, rhyming text is also good for early readers.

Have you read any of these books or have fall recommendations for us? Many thanks to Tenikca for asking me to collaborate on this post! You can keep up with her on her blog, Instagram, or Facebook.

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