Beyond the Book: A Girl Like You

A Girl Like You by Frank Murphy and Carla Murphy; Illustrated by Kayla Harren
This book was provided by Sleeping Bear Press for review. Bookshop and Amazon affiliate links are included in this post.

Book Summary

Following up on the success of A Boy Like You, Frank Murphy debuted his newest book, A Girl Like You. This book is full affirmations to show the girl in your life just how unique she is. Try new things, be brave, choose kindness, and wear what makes you happy. The world needs you just as you are!


4 – 7 years

Pre-reading activity:

Discuss what you see on the cover of the book and ask your child to predict what the story may be about. Point out unique characteristics about each girl.

During the story:

Have your child predict the text based on the illustrations. Provide definitions and connections for any of the target vocabulary words listed below that may be unfamiliar. Ask questions throughout the story to help your child comprehend what is being read. Have your child repeat unfamiliar words.

Example Questions:

  • Tell me about a time when you were brave.
  • What are some of your talents?
  • Why is it important to pick yourself back up when you fall?
  • Tell me how you would feel if you had a disagreement with your friend.
  • The book encourages friends to be nice to each other. What characteristics do you look for in a friend?
  • Have you ever helped a friend that was hurt?
  • Why is it important to cheer on your friends?
  • Describe a way you can take care of your heart.
  • Finish this sentence. The world needs __________.

Target Vocabulary

a very large number; 1,000,000,000
feeling or showing no fear; not afraid
not afraid of danger or difficult situations
a special ability that allows someone to do something well

extremely important and necessary

to have a different opinion from someone else

the ability to understand how someone else feels
someone who does something without being forced to do it

a quality or characteristic that makes one person or thing different from another


After reading, look back at the cover and ask your child about the importance of everyone having unique traits. Have your child re-read the book in their own words using the illustrations.


Self Portrait

Materials: Self portrait template, crayons/colored pencils, old magazines, scissors, glue

Self portraits are a great way to get children to identify their unique characteristics. Using this template, have your child draw themselves. After they’ve completed their self portrait, look through magazines to cut out images that represent the child’s talents, unique traits, and interests. Check out Maya’s example above! She described her talents as doing ballet, art, and building. Books and unicorns are two of her favorite things.

Maya loved this book so much, she wanted to do a retell! Click the photo above to watch her storytime on IGTV. Many thanks to Sleeping Bear Press for providing us with a copy of A Girl Like You. It is available now on Bookshop, Amazon, and everywhere books can be purchased!

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