October 2019 Just Like Me Box

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October Just Like Me Box (Ages 4-8)

The theme of this month’s Just Like Me Box was Melanin Magic and the box included a powerful poem from Brandi A. Banks, entitled Melanin Drippin’.

Melanin Drippin

Brown boy…brown girl
Can’t you see?
The magic that flows through your family tree
Kings and queens
Capable of conquering anything!

Brown girl…brown boy
Can’t you tell?
The magic the whole universe recognizes so well
Potent power pushing not ego trippin’…
Never slippin’
Melanin drippin’
Princess Truly: I Am a Super Girl!

The selections for this month celebrated two adventurous children who allowed their imaginations to make them feel as if they could conquer anything. We were both happy to see the latest release from the Princess Truly series by Kelly Greenwalt and Amariah Rauscher. I Am a Super Girl follows Truly as she puts her super hero powers to the test. Her brave heart and magic curls allow her to save the day and her friend’s birthday party. I’m excited to see the series branch out to Scholastic Early Readers, as I’ve been wanting to build Maya’s personal library of decodable books. Recommended for ages 4-6.

Where’s Rodney?

We actually picked up Where’s Rodney? by Carmen Bogan and Floyd Cooper from the library last year. We read it several times and were glad to revisit it this week. Rodney is known by his peers as the class clown and is often not in his seat leading Miss Garcia to frequently ask “Where’s Rodney?” When Miss Garcia tells the students that they will take a field trip to the park, Rodney is not excited because he envisions the park as just a small patch of grass. Little does Rodney know, the park they are visiting will allow him to be more outside than ever before. Recommended for age 4-8.

This month’s box also included an activity book entitled African American Women who Made History by Positive Promotions, Inc. These workbooks are too advanced for Maya, so I’ve been putting them away for when she’s older.

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