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Legacy Kits by Ignis Review + Giveaway

Today I’m pleased to share our experience with Legacy Kits by Ignis. The recently launched Legacy Kits were created to help parents teach their children African and African American history. The kit included two books, Nelson Mandela: From Prisoner to President by Suzy Capozzi and Who Was George Washington Carver? by Jim Gigliotti. Additionally, there was a workbook that included summaries on both South Africa and Carver, along with fun mazes, word searches, and other activities. The two corresponding projects included were to create a South African flag and a Grass Hair Planter.


Legacy Kits are designed to teach history at two age levels: elementary and middle/jr. high. We received the Level 1 (elementary) materials. As Maya is only two years old, I had to scaffold down and provide brief summaries when looking at both books. Both titles would be perfect for children who are beginning to read chapter books or could be broken down and read in shorter segments over multiple days by an adult.


We really enjoyed following the instructions to create both the Grass Hair Planter and the South African flag. If you missed our instagram story featuring us creating the planter, I’m including a video below. All of the needed materials were included in the kit and Maya was extremely excited to follow all of the steps for our project.



To create the South African flag, we first outlined the design with a pencil, then traced with the included markers. Next, Maya was able to color in each section on her own. We worked on color identification and staying in the lines while completing this activity.


The thing I appreciate most about this Legacy Kit was that we were able to make it an entire family affair. We all got it involved to read and complete the activities. There were enough materials and activities included to span over a full week or more. We often lament about the history lessons that are missed in our children’s classrooms. While some parents may be quite knowledgable of African and African American history, it can be challenging to determine where to start or how to make it digestible for your little one. Legacy Kits has come up with an easy and affordable way to fill that void.


Legacy Kits provides several options for purchasing (full curriculum; books only) starting at $29.99 per month. If you’d like a chance to win a kit of your own, head over to our Instagram and Facebook pages for entry details!


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